The painter

Zib (Isabelle Guillet) is a French artist born in 1962 in Lorient.

Since she was a child, she has always been attracted to art, music and painting. Although her brushes were never far away, she first started by orchestral music and street performance.

After several painting workshops, she joined the Martenot school for 7 years as well as a one-year training course with a professional painter. She also did the Beaux-Arts training, all to tackle other techniques such as mixed techniques and acrylic painting.

Her multicolored paintings are what she is: a mixture of Brittany, cradle of her childhood,  French Riviera, the lights of Provence, embellished with a hint of Africa where she lived for 7 years.

A melting pot of colors, atmospheres, different lights, which made her what she is today.


Swimming in Toulon